Tein 2019+ Mazda 3 AWD/2WD Street Advance Coilovers

Tein 2019+ Mazda 3 AWD/2WD Street Advance Coilovers

PART #: GSW02-91AS3  

– Requires the reuse of OEM Upper Mounts
– 16 Way Adjustable Dampers
– Includes a full set of 4
– 12 Month Warranty
– Genuine TEIN


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TEIN Street Advance Z coilovers are designed for those who want more performance from their coilover system. Designed to provide a stiffer yet comfortable ride and aggressive stance, the street advance coilovers have 16 way adjustable settings giving you a much more noticeable feel in damping force change. These coilovers provide plenty of shock travel even lower than standard vehicle ride height. These coilovers adjust via an ultra strong ZT coated threaded sleeve and have updated internal components as well as external coating to dramatically increase durability and product life. Excellent choice for daily driving, and great for weekend track use.



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