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Wolf Multidor’s G37

Posted by | May 2, 2017 | Feature | No Comments

Being the luxury marque for one of the tuning scene’s most popular brands comes with a certain level of responsibility. Nissan has had a firm grip on import modification for years. With platforms like the S chassis, Skyline, and Z cars going strong in the more performance oriented departments it is important to balance all of that out with a little luxury and class. Infiniti has been churning out luxury cars for the better part of 25 years in the states and more and more enthusiasts have taken a liking to their sleeker body lines and more supple interiors compared to those of the basic Nissan range. Wolf Multidor is one of those guys.


Wolf comes off as a normal dude with an affinity for low cars and the culture that surrounds them. His ’08 G37s seen here was originally purchased bone stock back in 2012. When he picked the car up he wanted something that had a solid foothold in the aftermarket yet was comfortable to drive on a daily basis. Being that the G37 is essentially a more plush version of the Nissan 370z there were a plethora of parts to choose from when his vision began to take shape. Wolf mentioned that the car didn’t remain untouched for long and that it needed an attitude adjustment. Changing the attitude means changing the altitude. Aiding in that is an Airrex kit featuring triple bellow struts fed by two Viair 444c compressors and management by Accuair. Being bagged alone will let most cars lay frame, but Wolf wanted to push the envelope. Cutting holes in the strut towers allowed the upper control arms to extend even further resulting in a chassis that sits on the pavement.

While no lowered car is complete without a set of aggressive rollers Wolf explained that he had been through a few sets of wheels since he bought the car. Currently he is running a set of Work Meister S31p’s and they fit very well. Slight camber adjustments have been made and they tuck very nicely on all four corners. With many cars in the scene today running setups that sit fender to lip it was different to see a thoroughly built car doing something a little bit different. The 326 Power spiked bolts are a subtle, but unique touch as well.

Wolf’s G also has a few exterior additions that really spice up the lines of the car, but aren’t overly distracting. There is a fine line between going over the top and being conservative and he hit the nail on the head with his kit. The Infiniti IPL front bumper, side skirts, and Auto Kit V2 rear diffuser look surprisingly OEM, but allow him to stand out nonetheless. Adorning the front bumper is a custom front splitter comprised of carbon fiber and the same material makes up the duckbill trunk lid and side splitters as well. The black paint matches the carbon weave perfectly and isn’t overly obvious.

When it came to maintaining the balance between cosmetic modification and performance Wolf had the right idea in mind. He wanted something that looked killer while parked at a show, but could also have fun with on the freeway and back roads too. Not going over the top with the go fast bits he opted for basic bolt ons to give his car a little added pep, but to also remain functional for daily driving. The GTHaus exhaust system lets the car breathe better and gives the VQ a nasty growl. Stillen and K&N handle the cold air being forced through the intake and the clutch/flywheel setup is the work of Z1 Motorsports.


The end result is a show quality car doused in rare parts and a killer wheel setup that can also haul ass and be driven hard. Wolf had that goal in his head when he began building his pride and joy and like many of us that journey is far from over. He plans on changing up the wheels yet again and squeezing a few more ponies out of the motor in the future. We at Royal Stance will definitely be waiting and we are sure that Mr. Multidor will not disappoint.



Photos- Matt Moscone

Story- Morgan Wilson

Car- Wolf Multidor

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