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The Life of Luxury – Josh Sherwin’s eye catching 2002 Audi A4

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“One night, after watching a Trinidad James music video, it hit me. I need 24k gold plated wheels” Josh said. “Gold all in my chain. Gold all in my ring. Gold all in my watch. Don’t believe me. Just watch.” Are the lyrics to the song by Trinidad James that Josh Esfahani was probably listening to when the image of gold wheels popped into his head. But don’t let his fancy wheels and bagged suspension fool you Josh originally wasn’t all about stance. Josh bought the car straight out of high school and at the time stance and air suspension wasn’t a big thing, so he focused on being aggressive and going fast.




Josh has always loved building things and going fast, before the car scene he raced mountain bikes and rode motocross in his spare time. So naturally his build would be a reflection of himself. The mod list goes on and on but what you don’t see on the list are all the different setups that were put together and taken apart to reach even a glimpse of a perfection in Josh’s eyes. Focusing on power and handling there was a lot of work to be done; but after all the motor work, three different turbo setups, four different suspension setups, and six different wheels setups you would think the build would be over. But no, this is exactly when Josh decided to build a car that has his own twist on power and fitment.


photo 3


Josh soon got those 24k gold VIP Modulars that no one can keep their eyes off of and started to build the car around it. Matching multiple components like the beautifully accenting royal purple Brembo brakes to make everything fit and feel perfect. This process wasn’t as easy as it sounds; adding and removing parts, headache after headache “A lot of it was trial, error, luck, and pain” Josh said. But Josh didn’t experience this emotional roller coaster by himself BecauseBags and 034Motorsport were two big supporters of Josh’s build. Only few understand this but if you reading this and you have built a car yourself. You understand just why it is so nice to have supporters. People like Josh’s friends, family, and even his girlfriend pitched in numerous times during the build to lend a helping hand. Sometimes this meant picking Josh up when he was stranded and the car was out of commission or just spending time in the garage hanging out during those long countless nights of wrenching under the car.

But it is only thanks to Josh and all his supporters that the car is where it is today. A car that stands out from the crowd, a car that even surrounded by hundreds of other cars at a show like H2Oi 2013 left me dumbfounded and talking about it all weekend. A car that truly represents luxury at its finest.


photo 4


The Fully refinished Audi A4 was now ready for the world, it was shipped to a local shop where it was detailed and prepared for the crazy week at H2Oi 2013. The trip was planned by Josh and his friend Mark. They were a little nervous about shipping their cars but luckily the truck driver kept them up to date by sending them pictures along the way. It was Josh’s first time at H20i as well as mine and if anyone remembers the feeling they got once they crossed the bridge into Ocean City, Maryland there is no need for further explanation. But for those who haven’t had the pleasure it is like driving across a bridge into an entirely different world. A world full of beaches, good times, and even better cars “It was my first time at H20, let alone any east coast show. It was like nothing I had ever been to. From the moment we crossed the bridge into ocean city, my mind was blown! Hearing all the cars revving up and down the street, seeing all the cars I follow on Instagram right in front of me, meeting all the people I’ve only spoken with over the internet, it was amazing. The cars, the people, the community, the partying, it was like nothing I’ve been to before.” Josh said.




But soon one of the biggest car shows of the year was over and Josh was already back to the drawing board. He won’t tell us much but rest assured he says “It involves wider, faster, and more shiny things.”

Photos By – Anthony Rama
Words By – Roberto Elizondo


Precision PTE5857 Billet Turbo – Powdercoated Royal Purple
Copper Oil Hardline
Custom Tubular Exhaust Manifold with Black Ceramic Coating
Custom 3’’ Turbo back Exhaust
Borla Mufflers with Black Diamond Tips
Tial 38mm Wastegate
Custom Cold Air Intake with AEM Air Filter
Garret Large Front Intercooler
Forge Splitter BOV/DV
Delphi 630cc Injectors
OEM Audi R8 Oil/Coolant Caps
OEM Audi RS4 Engine Cover
034 Motorsports Oil Catch Can
034 Motorsports Me7 Custom Tune
034 Motorsports Intake Manifold Spacer
034 Motorsports Coilpack Cover
034 Motorsports Breather Hose Kit
034 Motorsports Wiring Harness
034 Motorsports Power Steering Cooler
034 Motorsports Transmission Mount
Stern Engine Mounts
Hallman Boost Controller
Southbend Stage 3 Clutch
Fidanza Aluminum Lightweight Flywheel
Bosch 040 Fuel Pump
Reflect-a-Gold Thermal Tape

Wheels & Suspension
Accuair E-Level Air Management
Accuair I-Level
Mason Tech Air Bags
Bilstein Sport Shocks
Custom Hardwood Floor w/Polished Copper Hardlines
OEM Audi RS4 Rear Sway bar
VIP Modular VXS-110 20×10 and 20×10.5 with true 24k Gold Plating
Achillies Sport Tires 235/30/20 and 245/30/20
Brembo 355mm Gran Tourismo Big Brake kit – Powdercoated Royal Purple
Adams 2-Piece Rotors

Custom Painted Audi Dolphin Gray Mixed with Black Base Coat
DTM Boser Karbon Hood – Custom Painted with Fading Carbon Fiber
Aerocatch Hoodlatches
OEM Audi S4 Headlights
OEM Audi S4 Rear Bumper
OEM Audi Ultrasport Front Bumper
OEM Subaru STI Front Lip
Caractere Front Grill
Reiger Roof Spoiler
ECS Side Markers
DTH Side Skirts

OEM Audi S4 Instrument Cluster
OEM VW Jetta Headlight Switch
AWE Vent Boost Gauge
Nardi Classic Gold Plated Steering Wheel
JL Audi Interior Amplifier
Pioneer AVH 4100 Head Unit
Infinity Door Speakers
JHM Weighted Shift Knob
JHM Short Throw Shifter
HKS Type-O Turbo Timer

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