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Sophisticated, Elegant, and Classy

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Sophisticated, elegant, and classy are just a few synonyms I would use to describe the Aston Martin car brand. The front end of the brand has become synonymous with the Aston Martin distinct look. Is there a more suited look for the automaker than it’s current look? There has always been a cliché, “if it’s not broke don’t fix it.” Here, I use the phrase as well; the look surely isn’t broken, maybe often imitated if anything. So, if the Aston Martin brand is good enough for special agent 007, then I am sure it is a great car for everyone else.


For Luis Fermin, the Aston Martin Vantage was the exact car he so desperately needed in his life. In reading about what Luis wrote on his questionnaire for this current feature, one establishes that he loves cars and loves to upgrade each time seemingly a step above the last installment. But when it was time to upgrade from his supercharged e92 m3, the choice was very simple after the initial test drive. One thing for sure was that Luis was going to find himself behind the wheel of such a lavish car. Now for the average person obtaining an Aston Martin would be more than enough and simply to drive it as is, but Luis isn’t average; he wanted to enhance the features just a little bit. Absolutely nothing is over the top or out of place. Luis chose to just add a few pieces to the already stunning Vantage.

To enhance the suspension of the Vantage, Luis chose to go with a brand known for excellence, H&R Suspension. The newly upgraded suspension will help keep the Aston planted in the corners, for sure. The H&R package wasn’t installed to be the lowest, but instead enhance the stance and the look of the car.


On the exterior side of things, as if the Vantage wasn’t a beauty out of the gate, a Mansory body kit was added. The kit was added for a more aggressive look without completely changing the Aston Martin signature look. With the addition of 360 Forged concave wheels and this phenomenal blue wrap, it sets the exterior off just right. No extras, no nonsense, just a straight official business look to turn heads when Luis pulls up to local car shows and meets in North Jersey.

DSC_5821 DSC_4257 DSC_4249 DSC_4250DSC_4267DSC_5838 DSC_4259

As if the car wasn’t powerful enough with its high output v8, a few additional tweaks were incorporated. A host of Quick Silver exhaust components were included such as; exhaust manifolds, hi-flow cats, and cat-back exhaust. I am pretty sure these items help the Aston give off a one of kind exotic sound. Bringing in cleaner air is enhanced with K&N filters. The last piece to the puzzle for the engine side of things was an ECU reprogramming to make sure things run perfectly with the few engine additions that were added.


Certainly, Luis is a man of great taste, knows exactly what he wants, and goes to get it. The car has a very unique look that comes from Luis truly being into high-end cars. Of course, you may have a struggle here or there, but Luis admits there were absolutely no struggles or regrets. I truly, think Luis was able to meet one of his goals by building a head turner of an Aston Martin. In my opinion, the Aston Martin is a unique car and is rarely seen to this level. One of the future plans for the car is the addition of a supercharger. I must admit the future is most certainly bright for Luis and his current build. Personally, I think 007 maybe a tad bit jealous of Luis’ Aston Martin.


DSC_5837 DSC_5836DSC_4247DSC_4254DSC_5843DSC_5813


Photos By- Joe Turano

Story By- Leighland Stone

Car- Luis Fermin



Exterior mods

Mansory body kit



quick silver exhaust

ecu reprogramming

quick silver performance manifolds

quick silver cats

k&n air filters



h&r suspension



360 forged concave wheels



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