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Simple Beginnings – Jose’s cambered out 2004 Acura TSX

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Do you remember when you were a young boy or girl and would fantasize over being a superhero, or a princess, or anything else you could imagine? When we grow up we never stop wanting things, our ideas just change. Some people grow and mature wanting families, kids, and etc. but others like Jose are still in that young boy stage. We used to want hot wheels cars but now we want real cars! We used to want cool flames but now we want crazy camber and custom paint jobs! So what now, watch other people build there cars and sit around and look? No, That’s not what Jose did either. He took inspiration from his good friends Patjo’s Mugen TSX in Hawaii and built his own perfection.




When first buying the car back in 2012 at age 19 Jose knew what main points he wanted in his build, those things were a Mugen lip kit, perfect camber, and just a clean all around build that shows he took his time. Anxious to get into the car scene Jose bought coilovers, fog lights, and a front lip and headed over to WekFest Houston 2012. Not to many people noticed his car that year but I wouldn’t blame them, it was no where near close to looking like the car it is today.




Living in the out skirts of Houston there are not to many people in Jose’s town that are into the automotive scene, but Jose would still find ways to go to new car events ranging from local meets to drift events. Over the year Jose got inspiration from all walks of life even from other cars like Toyota FJ Cruisers. How? do you ask that a cambered out JDM car gets in inspiration from an off-road SUV. Jose took inspiration off the car color, he always thought of having a white car but then decided to have something slightly off white. So when he saw the beautiful Sandstorm Metallic he fell in love with the color.


Saving up money all through course of 2013 by working at his uncles machine shop building engines he then started what could then really be called a transformation. Starting off with full Mugen lip kit, trunk lips, and a spoiler he took the car to the shop to get a full respray. Now out of the shop with a full respray it was time to compliment the car with a good wheel and suspension setup. But this car was not about regular O.K. everyday fitment, this was about aggressive camber that pushed the never ending question “Is there a perfect amount of camber?”






Once everything was installed, tuned, and dialed to Jose’s to liking he set out to go to WekFest Houston 2013.  He brought his A game not expecting much, except for people to recognize the time and effort that he had put into his car and that is exactly what people did! Just one year later not only did people recognize his car but he won an award and was deemed “King of the South” by Futura Design.




So from simple beginnings, something that started as a dream then became reality, and from reality his dream turned into more then he ever expected. Jose built his car for him not for you reading this article, not for Royal Stance to feature his car, just for him to enjoy and be proud of the car he built. With that being said we ask you the read what will you build next a car built for you or for everyone else?

Photos by – Cameron Vazquez
Words by – Roberto Elizondo


Wheels and suspension
weds kranze Lxz 18×9.5 fr 18×10.5 rear
bc coils with uas bags and accuair management

Bride low max gradation vios III
nardi woodgrain steering wheel
nrg neo chrome quick release
nrg red hub
blox neo chrome shift knob
silvania dome led lights

mugen lip kit all around
tsx oem fog lights
accord type s grill
euro r headlights
spoon trunk lid
serona roof spoiler

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