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Ready For Battle

Posted by | June 1, 2016 | Feature | No Comments

Over the past couple of years import automotive tuning has had a proverbial ebb and flow when it comes to styling. The motorsport look that more people have taken a liking to has seemed to grow with the widespread use of wider kits, meatier rubber, and large wings.¬† All of these characteristics are a dead ringer for shorter lap times and an overall quicker car. Not saying that there aren’t a few people that simply modify the aesthetic aspect of their build without sprucing things up under the bonnet, but Albert isn’t one of them.

He picked up his Evolution three years ago during the wintertime lull of show season and started chipping away at his to-do list. During the obligatory Q&A ¬†regarding his car he mentioned that import modification has always been a hobby of his during his younger years, but wanted to take it to the next level with the Mitsubishi. The AWD, turbocharged platform was a solid base for tuning and he didn’t waste much time in getting things started.
The exterior of his car is by no means subtle and the use of various kit manufacturers gave it some unique flair. Varis supplied most of the main pieces such as the front bumper and side skirts, while Jun and Esprit tied everything together out back. Instead of having the car painted he opted for a full wrap in Battle Ship Grey. Having the option of removing it to change the look of the car as well as protecting the paint while it is installed is an invaluable asset. With the flood of aggressive multi-piece wheels on a majority of the cars in the game today it was nice to see a set of TE37’s on a JDM build to keep things focused.
As Albert’s Evo is all about drawing a fine line between form and function it is no surprise that he has extensive performance work done to the power plant. From the factory the 2.0 four cylinder turbo produces around 280 horsepower. Not sluggish by any means, but Albert’s car trumps the stock examples with ease. Full bolt-ons, mated to upgraded internals including a Garrett GTX7031R big turbo put around 480hp to all four wheels on E85 and just over 400 horse on pump gas. All of that power has to be managed in the corners and with the help of Tein fully adjustable coil overs and Cusco braces it handles quite well.
He didn’t spare any expenses in completing the build all around and the interior is a testament to that. Although most would find bucket seats and harnesses slightly uncomfortable for everyday driving Albert decided that it would be pointless to keep the stock seats and belts for a car of this caliber. Carbon backed Bride’s were the go-to and the ever popular Takata harnesses keep him snug while bombing down the 405.
It’s nice to see a car that keeps things authentic when it seems like Instagram has watered down the car scene in certain aspects. Albert built a car for himself and not to please the masses. A fully built chassis without air ride or big lips is a breath of fresh air and we at Royal Stance hope that he continues to keep it real.
Photos- Carlos Aguilar
Story- Morgan Wilson
Car- Albert

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