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Never Give Up

Posted by | December 1, 2015 | Feature | One Comment

Bad things happen to good people, let’s just be honest with ourselves for a second. We all go through a period where no matter what we do bad still find its way to us. Not all bad is just all bad if you get what I mean. Basically what I’m saying is some things are a lesson or in this case a chance for upgrades. Now the situations that happened in this story are definitely unfortunate, but a bad situation turned out alright. Accident after accident can take a toll on the moral of anyone, but when it’s your pride and joy hurts just a bit more. Nothing happens over night and in the world of modifications a build is never done. Being persistent in your build is key. Never give up on yourself or your dreams.
For Tyler Donovan of Maryland, he never gave up even after having his 2003 Honda S2000 sidelined not once, but twice. After the second time of misfortune, Tyler chose to let his s2000 sit for a little while. After both accidents Tyler was sure that the s2000 was totaled, but was thrilled when it was not. One thing that was for sure was Tyler didn’t want to quit on his build. Each time the car came back better than the last time.



After the last accident, Tyler went to Tim at Industry Garage for a heavy dose of wide body goodies. These massive over fender flares allow for some extremely wide wheels like never before. Tyler chose to go with a set of CCW D110s in 18×10 up front and 18×13 out in the rear. To go with wide look Tyler only wanted a nice Spoon hardtop because he felt the soft top was just not a great look on the car and I couldn’t agree more. With the addition of a Voltex GT wing the outside was pretty much set. The look of this car means business. It definitely has a presence about it, which can’t be found everywhere or just anywhere.


Tyler has amazing plans to beef up under the hood power with talks of boost. He also has plans to install seats, cage, and harnesses. And last, but not least would be a possible wrap.
For most people it would have been easy to throw in the white flag, but Tyler just couldn’t walk away and we couldn’t be anymore happier. He stayed true to a goal and a plan and finally was able to complete it even after tragedy. Always just stay true.




Car- Tyler Donovon

Photos- Mitchell Henry

Story- Leighland Stone

One Comment

  • Kathy says:

    Well you have did his car justice ….. that night when we arrived at the crash my emotions were oh my heavens … God was on his shoulder … I had now words but to that God that he was safe .. not hurt … Then the day they brought the car to the house I cried … because I saw what could have be something worse … It was a mess …. all bang up … broke … but its a car … Then the car sat for months and we wondered what Tyler was going to do … I think he didn’t know either … but then he said he wanted to fix it .. and we stood by him the entire time … I thank each and everyone who has helped him with this and to see how he admires and loves this car I would hate to see it ever leave him…. Tyler has taken something that was broke and made it beautiful again …. I am so happy that all of his friends have help him accomplish this … Thank you … <3 Tyler's Mom ……. Kathy

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