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Some cars defy excellence and absolutely just demand attention. The 2015 Subaru Wrx Sti from the dealership is quite an impressive import. The Sti is a nicely built sedan that comes equipped with fine lines, turbo, and all wheel drive. For, Todd Durham of North Carolina, who seems to have a thing for Sti’s being this is his 2nd version. Todd saw the new restyling of the Sti and made sure he did what was needed to pick one up. So, in July 2014, he did a no regrets purchase and took the keys to this beauty.


Of course, this car has gone through quite the change in a year. Todd vision is coming together nicely with much more to come, but let’s talk about the dope here and now. Todd explains that he has absolutely no plans to make the car any faster than it already is from the factory. Todd is focused on staying true to the stance game.

Majority of the fun takes place on the exterior and suspension of Todd’s Sti. Todd went with the tried and true Airlift Performance bags alongside Autopilot V2 management. To set the fitment off and put things at an unreachable level, AG directional f221 wheels were the pick of choice. To take things up another notch, the faces were covered in custom white with gold sparkle and black chrome lips. The size of these wheels is pretty insane and to be able to fit them so effortlessly is even more of an accomplishment. The AG wheels measure at 18×11 -7/-20, really wish I were able to put a shocked emoji face after the specs. I am sure a good amount of camber was added to fit them, but looks down right flawless to me.

IMG_1846 IMG_1845 IMG_2225


Even more exterior goodness took place when the car was ultimately wrapped in a C63 grey with a gloss black roof to add contrast and break the color up. Now let us not forget about Todd’s carbon fiber addiction with the acquisitions of APR front lip, exhaust shields to protect the body from the Invidia q300 exhaust, canards, and Chargespeed carbon fiber side skirts. Everything flows together quite well if I say so myself.

IMG_1870 IMG_1839 IMG_1837

Now Todd doesn’t have an incredibly long list of modifications, but it’s not always about the length instead the quality of the parts. The items he does have makes such a drastic change to the already flawless sedan. There will always be the talk of why would you destroy a great rally car or performance oriented vehicle for stance, but that is the least of Todd’s concerns or worries. Of course, the car came from a race background, but not every Subaru out there is racing around the streets or track, so does Todd’s Sti need to?

IMG_1852 IMG_2240 IMG_2232 IMG_2210 IMG_1827-2 IMG_2209

Todd has plans to continue to work on his already impeccable fitment with more camber. Todd plans to add even more carbon fiber and an even bigger wing. He is also considering even a color change, but I think that there is no need to fix it if it’s not broken. The color just so happened to be picked out by a very special young lady. Todd would also like to say, “thank you to all his family, friends, Trendsetterz, Cambergang, and APlus Auto Styling. So even though you may not agree with the alleged destruction of a racecar, just for a second bask in the greatness that has been built.



CAR- Todd Durham

PHOTOS- Mitch Foust

STORY- Leighland Stone


Exterior mods
20% tint
Memphis system
APR carbon fiber front lip
APR carbon fiber exhaust Shields
APR carbon fiber canards
Chargespeed carbon fiber side skirts.
C63 grey wrap
Gloss black roof
invidia q300 exhaust
Airlift performance Bags with v2 management
GT spec lower control arms
Custom upper control arms
Camber bolts
AG directional f221 Custom white face with gold sparkle and black chrome lips. 18×11 -7/-20

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