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From A Dream To A Reality

Posted by | June 6, 2014 | Feature | No Comments

Think about the car that you have always dreamt about owning and imagine seeing that car for sale. You KNOW it’s the one so naturally, you purchase it.


The feeling of finally owning your dream car is a feeling you will never forget. Fortunately, that feeling doesn’t stop there once you first own the car. The vision you have for it really says something about who you are.


Now, think past all the hours of researching and thought you put into getting your vision together. The day that your vision turns into a reality is another feeling you’ll never let go. An overwhelming sense of pride will burst through your body the minute you turn that last bolt or tweak that last piece to the puzzle because of the accomplishment that stands before you. Your dream is no longer a dream, it’s real.


Four years ago, Matt started the journey with his 1994 Toyota Supra when he purchased it in West Virginia. Originally, the car was built for racing at Summit Point. After Matt bought the car he began the process of rebuilding the car to his version of the perfect Supra. This rebuild included: a freshly rebuilt motor, Precision 6766 turbo, FIC 2050cc injectors, AEM V2 for engine management, and a 4″ straight pipe exhaust. All of these performance modifications give Matt the power that everyone dreams of when turning the keys to a high performance car. With 525whp on pump gas and 720whp on e85, there’s no limit to the amount of fun that Matt can have.


Not satisfied with performance alone, Matt decided it was time to attack the visual appearance of his Supra. After spending countless hours researching and measuring wheel sizes, offsets, and fender clearance, Matt finally ended up with an aggressive set of wheels. The Work Equips set off the sleek looks of his car and really compliment the overall body.


While I had Matt position his car for the first couple shots I noticed he would park his car and take a minute to admire his build. This is when I realized he was taking the time to appreciate the hard work he put into his car. And, Just what makes it distinctively his? Everything, from the ear splitting volume of the 4” straight pipe exhaust, the Seibon carbon fiber hood and trunk, to the aggressive wheels which truly transform this Supra to one that Matt can truly call his own and can’t help but “look back at it,” every time he walks away.
What should you take away from this? While you may own your dream car it will never be truly yours until you take the time to make it distinctly your own. The vision you may have today for your car may eventually change or at points you may feel as if you will never complete your build but that is okay! Keep working towards your vision of the perfect car whether it’s a Supra like Matt’s or another car eventually you will finish your build. Matt has not completed his vision and he is anything but discouraged he is looking forward to completing his build by adding a full cage and completely rebuilding the engine to break 1000 horsepower.


DSC_9018 DSC_8980 DSC_8888 DSC_8834 DSC_8735


Feature and Story– Arlen Liverman

Editor- Evan Kaston



1994 Toyota Supra Single turbo owned by Matt Salton

Precision 6766 Turbo

Fic 2050cc injectors

HKS 264 camshafts

BC Valve springs and retainers

Q45 throttle body

Greddy exhaust manifold

Tial Wastegate

PHR fuel rail

Dual Walbro 410 fuel pumps

Aem v2

4″ straight pipe
Engine built by Freed Engineering

720whp on e85 and 525whp on 93 pump



Work Equip 18×9.5 +14, 18×11.5 +28



Tanabe Sustec pro5 coilovers


Seibon carbon fiber hood and Seibon carbon fiber trunk

RMM Front lip

Wire tucked fuse box,

Battery relocated to trunk

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