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For some reason, people think that building cars is an overnight ordeal. People on the outside looking in have no idea how much blood, sweat, tears, and cash we put into these cars over time. The aspect about cars that I love most is if you vision it, you can make it with a little time and effort. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are our car builds. Build it up and tear it down if you choose to do so. Go from wheel to wheel, paint-to-paint, coilovers to air, and vice versa. Make your car what you want it to be, trailer queen, show car, track car, or just a superb daily driver. Jake Chaney of Waynesboro, PA, has found his way into a mighty fine looking 2013 Subaru Wrx STi. Although he went through a few cars, he came back to the car that he dreamed of owning at a young age. While Jake has only had the car a little over 2 years now, he has certainly made quite the progress on his build.



Jake’s canvas started out as a Satin White Pearl STi sedan, but surely he couldn’t just leave the car be like he envisioned it to himself. As you can see, a lot has changed from the stock Satin White Pearl STi days. For starters, one of the most noticeable differences would be the unique color of the 3M-vinyl wrap. The color is like no other wrap I have ever seen before. I look at countless pictures of the car and each time I say “a different color”, or I see a different color, but maybe my vision is just bad. Maybe you the reader can be the judge of the color you see. Either way, I really enjoy the wrap; the illusion it plays with my eyes, the gateway to my mind and soul, is tremendous. Personally, the other aspect of the car that I find enjoyable is the custom painted Work Emotion xd9 wheels in 18 x10 +18 square by Star Effects. Once again, Jake’s STi is playing tricks on my bad vision. I absolutely love the color of these wheels. I know it is some sort of teal, but I can’t tell what else transpired in this impressive parade of colors. The two colors work together well without clashing and is a breath of fresh air from the usual color combinations. The exterior of this car looks very aggressive and has a great stance thanks to the help of Airlift suspension and V2 management. Jake has gone through a few different setups, but with this setup he has definitely found what works and looks flawless.

DSC_8656 DSC_8748 DSC_8737 DSC_8645

Like I said, “If you vision it, then you can make it.” Jake I feel did that with the interior of his car, it’s just really cool. The way he dedicated so much time to sticker bomb his interior pieces in Obey stickers to make it look like a vinyl wrap, to me is extra ordinary effort. I, definitely, would not have the patience or eye to do such a task. The stickers really flow together and appear to tell some sort of story in the pictures presented here. Amazingly, the idea was created to put the V2 controller in the driver’s side air vent, which is a nice touch.

Jake didn’t want to just stop there, but wanted to add a few Performance Go fast bits. One of main choices was to get the car pro tuned for 20 psi by Ray at Quantum Raceworks.
Jake thanks first and foremost his fiancée Brittany for being extremely supportive and sharing his love for cars. Also, he thanks Charles Darmanjian the owner of Evil Subie Customs. He is thankful to Mark Crossing, Josh Chiera, Dave Urban, and Bryan Gates for all the help and for the awesome times they shared together. Last, but not least Jake thanks Eddie Houser the owner of Star Effect Customs for what started as strictly business, but has turned into quite a friendship.

Of course, there were mishaps along the way and things that didn’t go as Jake hoped or planned them, but he was persistent and never gave up on the ultimate goal. With a host of big plans for the STi, what stands out the most are the talks of 700hp. There are plans to do a full color re-spray and incorporate different body modifications. Big plans are indeed in store for the Subaru; that is for sure. Again, remember, Rome wasn’t built over night and neither are our projects, and if you can vision it, then you can make it.

DSC_8777 DSC_8620 DSC_8767 DSC_8626 DSC_8691 DSC_8645



Photos by- Arlen Liverman

Story by- Leighland Stone

Car- Jake Chaney


Interior Mods: 
Cipher Harnesses, Cisco Harness Bar, Obey Sticker Bomb Interior, Custom V2 Management Air Ride Controller inside driver’s side air vent, and Red Leds inside the car
Exterior Mods:
3M Vinyl Wrap, tS trunk spoiler, Evil Subie Customs Rear Diffuser, s206 side skirts, Varis Style Front Bumper, S206 Side Badges, 20% window tint, vortex generator, carbon fiber wrapped side mirrors, rear exhaust covers, rolled fenders, JNA performance window visors, custom painted headlights, tinted tail lights, Hella Horns
Cobb Intake, Invidia Downpipe, Cobb Short Shifter, Protune by Ray at Quantum Raceworks (20psi Tune), Kartboy Bushings and Cobb Bushings, Nameless Performance Axleback Exhaust deletes 3″
Airlift V2 Management Air Ride Kit, 2 444c ViAir Compressors, and Custom water evaporating tank, and ISC adjustable rear lower control arms
Work Emotion XD9 18×10 +18 custom painted by Star Effects


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