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Alabama’s Finest

Posted by | May 31, 2017 | Feature | No Comments

Car season is upon us yet again and what a joy. Not only does show season mean dope new builds, but also means warm weather. I’m not sure if I am more excited for warm weather or car shows, either way, what a time to be alive. I’ll be honest with my readers, I’m not a huge wide body fan. I personally like stock body lines and less is more. Fortunately, this isn’t my build and Johnny Dang from Jasper, Alabama did it his way. These days wide body is more and more common so it’s less about who has it now and more about the presentation of the package.

Johnny isn’t necessarily new to the car season, but new to the 4 rings. Johnny has been known to toy around with Honda’s and said that he wanted to switch things up and give the Audi A4 a try. Only owning the car for a year he surely has come quite a ways in such a short time frame. Being static the entire time with all his old builds he wanted a nice comfortable ride for his daughters. So for the Audi he made the plunge to the dark side as some would say and picked up his first Air Lift air ride setup from Royal Stance. He decided to go with the new 3p air ride management. Looks like his daughters will be riding on the clouds now with this setup.

It’s no doubt that this car has flare, literally and figuratively. Johnny decided to go with a set of Fiberglass Mafia fender flares. In doing so this meant he would need to fill the wide wheel wells now. So Johnny decided to contact VR wheels for a set of their custom GMR 3 piece wheel line. The wheels of choice for the build are GMR gs-1 in an insanely wide 18×12 -50 all around. Talk about going big or going home. These wheels definitely look great on the car and fit well under the widened arches. To complete the look on the Audi a nice pretty wrap was added. Johnny went with an 3M wrap in Atomic Teal. I must say the color absolutely makes the car. A few other small details were done here and there to add subtle touches.

It’s not always were you come from, but sometimes where you are going. For Johnny the skies the limit with this one. I surely hope he keeps it a while and continues to go bigger and bigger. I’m sure the wide arches can handle more. Until next time keep things clean sir.

Photos- JelloShots

Car- Johnny Dang

Story- Leighland Stone

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